Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Has Plan & Prepare Been Facilitating Events For Single Adults?

Plan & Prepare has been facilitating Events for Christian Single Adults  for 15 years.  Events has been held in Burlington, Brantford, Pickering, Toronto, Brampton and other locations.  Plan & Prepare events consists of 10-Week Relationship Seminar, Singlesfest Annual Conferences, Valentines & Christmas Galas, Outdoor activities and more... 


Who Are Invited to Plan & Prepare Events?

Plan & Prepare invites all Christian Single Adults (never married, Dating Couples, Engaged Couples, Separated, Single Parents, Divorced and/or Widowed) to our many events.  Age ranges from 30-70ish.  


How Many Marriages Has Plan & Prepare Celebrated?

Plan & Prepare has celebrated over 75 marriages..  We also provide premarital and postmarital counselling.  We are excited to announce we are licensed to officiate marriages in Canada.